AotW Summer Raffle
6th  December 2018 -  30th January 2019

Paint Tin Lid

Today we launch something new – something we have been wanting to try for a while. A new way of buying art that democratises the opportunity, based on the enthusiasm of the many. Basically it is an Art Raffle.

For $5 a ticket gets you a ‘one in 30’ chance of owning an original Kemi Niko paint tin lid painting. Every 30 tickets sold we draw a winner, who will chose their preferred painting. Your ticket also gets you access to an online folder of high quality images of all the paintings in this series for use on your phone or desktop as wallpapers or to print as DIY art prints.


1 x Raffle ticket + Digital Print Package (11 paintings as A4 DIY prints & wallpapers for phone or desktop) 

Tell us in the notes section which painting you’d like to own (from this slideshow)  when you purchase your ticket. Access to Digital Print Package (on Drive) will be given on purchase.


All proceeds go to us (minus the small website store fees) and supports all of the work we do that falls outside of art funding criteria but is just as crucial in creating the work. Wider society and government may not financially recognise the important role art plays yet, but we know many people do. We know you do.

Paint Tin Lid Paintings. Exterior grade acrylic paint on tin lid. Sizes range from 10cm - 17cm diameter. Reverse is unpainted and signed with hook for easy hanging.  To directly  purchase a painting buy 30 tickets ($150 = automatic ‘win’) or contact us for a commission.

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