From different creative backgrounds we have come together with a one pointed focus to living a life symbiotic with art.

Taking an indiscriminate and holistic approach all we experience, collect and create enlivens our practice.

Our research is hands on and locally interested.

Our materials are salvaged or sourced with connections of substance.

Our creations are varied, direct and always embody our values at their core.

Together we have connected individuals to their communities, and communities to their environments. We work for ourselves and with others for others. 

Our connections often cross mediums, which can look complicated, but we see this as an asset worth sharing. We are always seeking projects focused on good that we can put our multi faceted skills towards. Our broad creative experience could be the tool box you need to get your project seen, felt and heard in a new & meaningful way.

Get in touch if your project needs a touch of design and/or illustration, especially if it’s science, education or community based.

We're a husband/wife team recently gone nomadic, currently residing  at Wharepapa South in the Waikato. We're offering what we do best so we can live a life worthy of our aspirations . We’ll go where the art takes us!


Kemi & Niko

Kemi Whitwell (Ngāi Tahu) & Niko Leyden

Traveling Studio 

Currently in Wharepapa South, Aotearoa


+64 22 0673486

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