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We are passionate about the connection we feel to the Aotearoa backcountry and whenua. The design vernacular and history of the human shelters that enable immersion in the bush speaks to our identity as tangata tiriti.

Our sculptural works explore this connection using real materials that we salvage from our environment. We have 10 years of experience siting our hutworks in public reserves with the active support of the communities who kaitiaki those places. Our collectable Mini Huts, sold around the motu, allow you to take home an authentic yet unique slice of backcountry taonga.

Our partnership is defined by our focus on living life symbiotic with art, shared equally on all levels. Our holistic approach draws on all we experience, collect and research, enriching our practice for the benefit of many. Our materials are salvaged and sourced from local connections, extending their end-life while enlivening our works. Our projects are socially engaged, site specific, multi disciplinary and always embody our values at their core.

We've recently gone nomadic, currently residing  at Wharepapa South in the Waikato, with our daughters and their koro. We're offering what we do best so we can live a life worthy of our aspirations . We’ll go where the art takes us!

This year we celebrate 10 years of producing art projects as Kemi Niko & Co. Watch our video looking back on this lifechanging decade


Kemi & Niko

Celebrating ten years
of Kemi Niko


Watch video on Youtube

Kemi Whitwell (Ngāi Tahu) & Niko Leyden

BFA (Kemi,  2010) & BDes Hons (Niko,  2011)
Massey University,  Wellington

Traveling Studio 

Currently in Wharepapa South, Aotearoa


+64 22 0673486

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