Past Work

Public Art & Exhibitions

Ocean Store

 Feb/ Mar 2019

Ocean Store is a multi-faceted work that frames process as performance and speculates on a future resource.

In the guise of a playful pop-up store on an urban beach, the ocean's store of plastic from Wellington beaches is explored in all its colourful glory.  Participants are guided through a ritual  that connects their personal use of plastic to the oceans plight. 

  Presented as part of Performance Arcade 2019. Supported by WCC Public Art Fund, Seaweek NZAEE and Second Hand Treasures Recycling Centre

 Ocean Plastic Awareness
Live Art
All Materials Salvaged

Social Engagement
Environmental Art

Kaia the Kaka

Summer 2017/18 & 2018/19

Digital adventure in Central Park in Brooklyn,  Wellington.  Public artworks extend game play into  natural realm

Led by Nature Through Arts Collective and Bamboo Creative

Public Art
Nature Journey
All Materials Salvaged

Miniature Hikes

2014 - 2016

Courtenay Place Lightbox Exhibition
Public Sculpture (Seven sites)
Wellington, NZ
Funded by WCC Public Art Fund

Interactive Installation
Public Art
Social Engagement
Book Design & Publication

Read more: Review by Mark Amery

In Memory of a Tree


Two part  explorative event
Upstream  Arts Trail &
Stratch Nacht
Wellington, NZ
Funded by Upstream

Site Specific Installation

Participation Design

Photos by Brendon Doran

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