Public Art & Exhibitions by Kemi Niko & Co.



Urban Hut Club

Commissioned by New Zealand Festival of Arts

All Kāpiti huts  (except Kaitawa)
remain open in 2022

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   Installed Dec 2021

Eight new hutworks for Ngā Manu Nature Reserve  in Waikanae. Each Dwellbeing is based on a unique native species from within the reserve and explores their habitat needs using the language of human dwellings. 

Commissioned by Ngā Manu and funded by 95 generous donors, Philipp Family Foundation, Tennent Brown Architects & KCDC Creative Communities Fund


 Feb/ Mar 2018

Public art hunt across three cities, Wellington, Dunedin & Nelson.  Fifteen new #AllMaterialsSalvaged works hidden and found  via clues on social media.

  Part of our crowdfunding campaign  to attend TPS:Nomad 2018 Residency in Australia

Miniature Hikes

2014 - 2016

Courtenay Place Lightbox Exhibition
Public Sculpture (Seven sites)
Wellington, NZ
Funded by WCC Public Art Fund

Interactive Installation
Public Art
Social Engagement
Book Design & Publication

Read more: Review by Mark Amery

In Memory of a Tree


Two part  explorative event
Upstream  Arts Trail &
Stratch Nacht
Wellington, NZ
Funded by Upstream

Site Specific Installation

Participation Design

Photos by Brendon Doran

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