Mini Huts

by Kemi Niko

Collectable tramping huts

Made with the spirit and integrity of the backcountry; from salvaged materials to handcrafted construction.


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We’re back in 2024 with a new hut each month. Join us as we showcase the making process and delve into the history of real backcountry huts.

April 2024

Slaty Creek Hut (photo from Shelter from the Storm)

Slaty Creek Hut 

Waiheke River, West Coast

A historic hunters hut built in the 1950s, said to have been restored by reefton builder, Dave, a few years back.

Notable for its now rare beech slab construction, this hut was probably the last example of this hand adzed style before  standardised  huts started filling up the bush.

This Mini Hut version is made of rimu as red beech is not to be milled these days.

︎ Learn more about Slaty Creek Hut history 

Rimu Hut with red roof and chimney

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Mini Hut Ingredients

Made in Aotearoa

½ Large tin can, slab of reclaimed rimu or pine, hours of time and attention, years of experimentation, a healthy dose of hut obsession.

Every hut comes with a corrigated info card & map hidden in its chimney

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