Mini Huts

by Kemi Niko

Collectable tramping huts

Made with the spirit and integrity of the backcountry; from salvaged materials to handcrafted construction.

Mini Hut Ingredients

Made in Aotearoa

½ Large tin can, slab of reclaimed rimu or pine, hours of time and attention, years of experimentation, a healthy dose of hut obsession.

Every hut comes with a corrigated info card & map hidden in its chimney


inc GST


Blue Range Hut

Tararua Forest Park, Wairarapa

A charming 4 bunk hut built in 1958 by the Masterton Tramping Club. The hut is adorned with quirky signage including ‘no parking’ and ‘antenatal clinic’ signs.

Blue hut with lean-to & chimney flue


Rocks Ahead Hut

Kaweka Forest Park, Hawkes Bay

A classic 4 bunk hut located on the true left bank of the Ngaruroro River, at the junction of three major tracks. A popular base for hunting, angling and kayaking missions.

Monochrome orange hut with chimney

Poet Hut

Mungo River, Paparoa National Park, West Coast

Iconic B48 4-bunk hut built by the Westland NZFS in 1957. You can still find the Intentions Book and it’s poems from 1968 in the hut.

Grey & green hut with orange tipped chimney

Goat Creek Hut

Old Ghost Road, Mōkihinui River, West Coast

This hut was built in 1957, and renovated in 2013. It has character in buckets, and you can sweep the floor straight out the door.

Grey hut with orange roof and chimney

Old Waihohonu Hut

Tongariro National Park, Tūrangi

An intriguing two room hut built in 1904 with pit sawn totara. The first hut built in Tongariro National Park and the oldest existing mountain hut in Aotearoa.

Monochrome red hut with chimney 

Ivory Lake Hut

Waitaha Catchment, Westland

Aotearoa’s highest altitude SF70 six bunk hut. It sits on concrete piles bolted to solid rock and was built in 1970 to aid the monitoring of glacier dynamics to help understand climate change.

White hut with red roof and lean-to sitting on piles

Dasler Biv

Ruataniwha Conservation Park, Canterbury

A classic 2 bunk biv beside a stream on the beech bushline under the Dasler Pinnacles. Formally Cullers Biv, built in 1966, still in original condition including chicken wire and melthoid lining.

Red biv with small lean-to and chimney

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