Mini Hut of
the Month

Each month we’ll handcraft a batch of one specific hut, showcasing the process and delving into the history of the real hut.

Jan 2023

Poet Hut

Mungo River, Paparoa National Park, West Coast

Poet hut is an iconic B48 4-bunk hut built by the Westland NZFS in 1957. It is one of a handful built in this uniquely West Coast design before national hut standards started to be introduced a year later. You can still find the Intentions Book and it’s poems from 1968 in the hut.

Its distinctive colouring and inspiring name caught our attention and it has been one of our most popular designs. We’ve made a couple of videos showing how we make Poet Hut; Part 1 (making the chimney) and Part 2 (putting it all together) 

Grey & green hut with orange tipped chimney

Limited numbers available 

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