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Each month we’ll handcraft a batch of one specific hut, showcasing the process and delving into the history of the real hut.

August 2023
2023 edition (left) vs. 2022 (right)

Bealey Spur Hut

Arthurs Pass National Park, Canterbury

Bealey Spur Hut is a high country musterers hut built by Cora Lynn station in 1925. It provided well needed shelter for the 6000 sheep ‘power country’ musters until 1978 when the land was retired to Arthurs Pass National Park.

Notorious for its unbearably uncomfortable bunks of diamond mesh netting with chaff sack mattresses but loved for its wooden floor, a rarity in huts of that kind. It is constructed from beech sapling framing and clad in corrugated iron which remained unpainted until 1997 when it got its first coat of green.

Green hut and chimney with improved dimensions and details  (inlcuding shorter chimney and lower roof pitch) 

︎ Watch some of the making process in this video 

Limited 2023 edition

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