Hut of
the Month

Each month we’ll handcraft a batch of one specific hut, showcasing the process and delving into the history of the real hut.

June 2023

SF70 Hut

Forest Service Orange

“The Classic backcountry hut” scattered across the wilderness like Jaffas by the NZFS. The SF70 is ultimate mid-century design in 6 bunk huts.

Back before DOC existed the New Zealand Forest Service took over deer culling operations and got their engineers on the job converting local hut designs into standardised plans. The SF70 is the 6-bunk design from this range.

They didn’t waste any time filling the backcountry with huts (many of them orange). Many have lasted the test of time and are still in use today thanks to volunteers across the country who have done them up.

Notable examples are Thomas River & Roaring Billy (Haast), Mid-Waiohine & Arete Forks (Tararua), Tauanui Hut (Aorangi), Tunnel Creek Hut (West Coast), Tataweka hut (Te Urewera), Top Wairoa hut (Mt. Richmond)

Limited edition 

Pre-order only, all huts will ship 18 July 2023

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