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We’re back in 2024 with a new hut each month. Join us as we showcase the making process and delve into the history of real backcountry huts.

Feb 2024

Young trampers outside Carrington Hut #2 (1960s, photo by Rick Watson)

Carrington Hut #2

Arthurs Pass National Park, Canterbury

The original hut was initiated ‘practically single-handedly’ by 18 year old Gerald Carrington in the early years of the Canterbury Mountain Club. He tragically drowned moving materials to the Upper Waimakariri site so the club finished and named it in his honour.

The first hut had just a dirt floor and no bunks so in 1941 the club built #2 from the salvaged materials of the original hut which our Mini Hut is inspired by. The current hut, built in 1975, is still hugely popular as the first and last hut of many adventures.

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Light orange hut with covered entrance, green roofs and two flue chimneys 

First edition 2023

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