Extend Yourself
Artists in Residence 2015/16

Interactive Sculpture, Rolleston Heights

Watershed, Nov 2015 - June 2017

Booth, Dec 2015 - May 2016

Step, Jan 2016 - ongoing

Exhibition & Workshops

The Extend Yourself project is made possible with the support of the Nature Through Arts Collective. Their corresponding project Imagine My City calls for local kids to take on a 100 day Creative Challenge over the summer. The two creative projects share the goal of bringing science, art and community together to inspire kids and adults to re-engage with nature.

Imagine My City kicked off in November 2015 with an adventure theatre event exploring Rolleston Heights. Under the expertise of the Binge Culture Collective the one day event brought together local characters (including us) and scientists to great success. 50+ kids had a fantastic time chasing a rouge moa around the park, sparking their interest for nature and creativity. Over the 100 days we ran two workshops with some of the participants, helping them develop their imagination into reality. We then helped curate the Imagine My City exhibition at Artspace on Tory St. Running from 17-23 March 2016, the exhibition showcased the kids final artworks as well as a display of our Extend Yourself works.

Nature Through Arts Website

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Photos 5 - 8 by Mary Hutchinson

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