Recent Work


Dismantle Pieces

Dismantle Pieces is a collection of our most recent work. We are currently seeking gallery relationships. Most works are available to purchase, please get in touch if you would like a personal viewing in our studio.


(top to bottom)

Intent (2017) wood, tin cans, acrylic enamel, varnish. 515 x 605 x 20 mm

Good Dale (on right) (2017) wood, tin cans, oxide, nails, varnish. 415 x 515 x 125 mm

Limits of Control (2016) Rimu, antique plywood, oxide, wax, electronic components. 218 x 280 x 48 mm

iDowse (2016) wood, electronic components, paua shell. 438 x 115 x 42 mm

Mantle (2017) Wood, tin cans, nails. 805 x 495 x 20 mm

Hearth (2015) wood, tin cans, acrylic enamel, candles. 1100 x 475 x 245 mm

Powerstaff (2016) gorsewood, pebbles (inlc. pounamu, quartz, garnet, mica granites), shell. All materials sourced from Perpendicular Point, Fox River, West Coast. 1215 x 45 x 45 mm

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