Bach Portraits

Terms and Conditions

By acquiring and paying for our (Kemi Niko & Co.) Bach Portrait service you (Client) agree to the following terms and conditions as follows:

1. Bach Portrait Services:

Black & White  - A black and white, high quality JPEG portrait of your chosen bach or hut. You can then print this as many times as you want* onto a variety of medium (paper, card, t-shirt, mug etc.) and share online*. NZ$350                    * - See Intellectual Property section

Colour  - The Black & White portrait and a digitally coloured version (high quality JPEG) NZ$450

Original  - The Black & White and Colour versions and the original inked drawing (A4, black ink on 100gsm paper) sent to a supplied address. NZ$520

Commercial - contact us to enquire about our commercial rate.  

What we require from you:

  • 2 – 5 photos of the Bach or hut you would like a portrait of. These can be your own photos or from the internet. They need not be high quality. At least one should show the whole bach but if this is not possible then multiple photos giving a indication is fine.

  • Any preferences you have for the angle of the portrait (I.e front view or 45” angle from left), as well as any important vegetation or garden features you wish to feature. If you have no preference we will choose this based on compositional merit.

  • Any title you wish to be included in the final image.

  • If purchasing Colour please indicate whether the final image should be faithful to a supplied photograph (if so, which one) or mimic a certain time or day (I.e sunset, bright sunny day, nighttime). If you don't have a preference we will choose based on artistic merit.

  • Make payment into our account as per instructions below. Once the transaction is confirmed we will start your portrait.

  • A written confirmation (email or text) that the pencil draft we send you is acceptable and we can ink and digitise the portrait. Any changes you wish to make should be communicated within a week of first receiving the pencil draft. This is the only opportunity to make changes. If you require changes after the portrait has been inked you will need to pay for the extra time required to re-draw (charged at $50 per hour up to and including the full portrait price)

  • A delivery address if purchasing the Original where the inked portrait can be sent.

What you can expect from us:

  • A pencil draft of the portrait that contains the Bach, some surrounding vegetation and garden features composed to your preference or our artistic eye**. This is to be confirmed by you before final inking (as above).

  • The finished digitised portrait (Black & White) as a high quality JPEG (300dpi) emailed to you no later than two weeks from receiving payment (or as booked due to our availability which we will let you know in our initial email).

  • If purchasing the Colour portrait you will also receive the digitally coloured high quality JPEG. Please allow three weeks for this option.

  • If you are purchasing the Original you will also receive the A4 inked original portrait which we will send to your supplied address once all digitising has been completed. We will send you a confirmation email once it has been posted with the tracking number.

  • All final portraits will include our signature and year of completion (I.e Kemi Niko 2017)

  • All final portraits may also include a title of your choice (optional)


** Important - The final image will be composed according to our creative eye and intuition.
This means the portrait will differ slightly from the look of the actual bach or hut.
Including, but not limited to; adjustments of scale, placement of features, surrounding
vegetation, view, colourisation etc. If there are elements not in your supplied photos
that you wish to include, let us know and we can try to add them in. This is one of the
advantages of having a portrait drawn versus photographed. In any case, you have the
chance to correct any perceived errors at the pencil draft stage.

2. Intellectual Property

We maintain the rights to any images resulting from the Bach portrait service. All our work is protected under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means you are free to Share (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format) and Adapt (remix, transform, and build upon the material) as long as you give appropriate credit, indicate any changes made and do not use the material for commercial purposes. All portraits come with our signature included so you are free to print or share the image as much as you like, as long as you don't profit financially. In addition to our signature being shown we appreciate being tagged on any social media platforms (if applicable) but this is not compulsory. (Facebook: @keminiko Twitter & Instagram: @Kemi_Niko). You are welcome to draw, paint, colour-in, collage and copy any Bach Portrait images, just make sure you give yourself credit if sharing your reworked image, I.e. sign your name next to ours. If you share the portrait files (jpeg) with others (I.e. via email, in any social media direct message or messaging app) you must share the above License with them. This is also available on our website About page.

We reserve the right to use your commissioned portrait for promotional and/or commercial purposes. We will not use your name or anything that could identify you or the real building in connection with the image. We may use the given title and region of the real building, unless you have an objection and make this known to us.

We make no claims to the ownership of your supplied photographs. We will delete these files upon portrait completion.

3. Printing

As stated above you may print your image as many times as you like as long as you do not profit financially. Below are some guidelines for optimum printing on a variety of mediums.

Scale: For optimum quality print the image no bigger than A3 (297mm x 420mm). If you intend to print at a larger scale ask us for a bigger file before we start your portrait (we may charge you an additional fee depending on the desired application and scale). Otherwise you can try printing the file larger at your own risk (ask your printer for advice, they may be able to test it first).

Paper: For framing: Ask your printer to show you samples of their stock (paper types),
they will have a range of paper thickness, finishes and shades. Some printers have
specific fine art paper stock which is ideal for framing. Otherwise a slightly thicker
paper (200gsm+) in a Matte finish is best. If you are getting the print professionally
framed your framer may be able to give you advice on printing.

As cards or small prints: Most good printers will make your image into giftcards
or postcards at a reasonable price (some have their prices online too). And every
printer can do standard prints at A5, A4 or A3. Again ask to see stocks and go with
a thicker paper (200gsm+). We use in Wellington.

Other mediums: It is easy to get images printed onto a variety of things these days, including mugs, canvas, gift/christmas cards, cushions etc. These are often order directly through a website such as where you will be prompted to upload your file.

4. Payment Instructions

When we have all agreed that we will draw your Bach Portrait we will confirm the amount owed by you. Once payment is received we can start you portrait. Below are our account details which you can make a bank deposit into.

Name: Niko Leyden

Bank: ASB

Account: 12 3157 0070983 50

Reference: Your name, BachP

5. Delivery

We will endeavor to send your Bach Portrait files to you no later than three weeks from receiving payment (two weeks for Black & White). We accept not responsibility for delays due to late payment / supplied images or circumstances out of our control. If you have a specific deadline that you'd like to receive your image by please let us know and we'll endeavor to supply it in time. If we expect delays we will let you know by email in advance. We will package the Original print securely but accept no responsibility for damage in shipping.

6. Cancellation

We will accept cancellations before the portrait has been inked. If you decide to cancel the service before or upon receiving the pencil draft we will refund 50% of the fee. If the portrait has not been started we will refund 100% of the fee. In either case please let us know in writing as soon as possible. If we terminate the service or cannot complete your portrait within an acceptable period we will refund the full amount. In all cases of cancellation you must delete and not post or share online any drafts or files you have received from us in relation to this service.

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