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Tin Can Glam

Tin Can-dle Holder

SKU: TC058

The Tin Can-dle Holder is inspired by the classic blue and white enameled candle holders of days gone by. Each one is made by hand to a studiously developed formula in our Wellington workshop from used tin cans sourced from local cafes.

Our Tin Can-dle Holder is as simple and hard wearing as it is charming. It’s bold lines combine with it’s hand formed construction in a way that is rustic and nostalgic, yet also clean and modern.

Wholesale (3+): $25 each
RRP: $57.50

Finishes: Burnt (varnished) or Painted (in a variety of colours, some shown here - painted on request)

Size:  Based on availability of different cans. They range in diameter from 85 mm (pineapple), 100mm (chickpeas) & 110 mm (1lt paint). All fit standard table candles.

All items come with product info card  indicating which tin can the individual holder is made from and are marked with KEMINIKO on base.


How the Tin Can-dle Holder is made

Tin Can Glam tutorial video

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