Miniature Hikes was an enthusiastically attended public art installation project run in Wellington over two summers (2014-16). A celebration of the love shared by New Zealanders for the backcountry, the project consisted of seven miniature huts installed in Wellington green spaces. Each hut represented a different aspect of backcountry experiences, such as safety, unexpected discoveries, scientific research and the power of nature. Relying almost entirely on locally salvaged materials the huts were bright, well crafted, durable and interactive. Hundreds of visitors signed the many logbooks and shared their journeys online. Photographs of the huts were exhibited in the Courtenay Place Lightboxes for the 2014/15 summer months and the project was concluded with the launch of the project publication, All Materials Salvaged.

Interactive public art installation
Outdoor sculpture
Community logbooks and consultation
Book design and publication
Marketing and promotion

Event Planning

Funded by WCC Public Art Fund

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