Week #1
28th June - 4th July

Get off the Internet

We’ve been writing little notes to ourselves and sticking them around the studio for a while. The messages are often based on song lyrics or some off hand comment one of us has made. For a time, we wrote these little notes on cards and attached them to branches in Rolleston Heights for passers-by to be inspired or just buzzed out by.

Get off the Internet is pretty self explanatory and you can imagine how we came up with it. We originally wrote it on card and stuck it to our computer for extra motivational impact. This version is drilled and painted onto a 4L house paint tin lid in our signature #AllMaterialsSalvaged style. In bright forest service orange, this Art will pop on the wall of your office or study and give you a level of self inquiry you may only appreciate some of the time.

External grade acrylic paint on tin lid. 17cm diameter. Reverse is unpainted and signed by artists. Edition; 1 of 3. 



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