Week #5
26th July - 1st August


There’s nothing like gazing into a fire to warm the soul, especially after a long tramp over mountains. The backcountry huts of old all had these open air (not hugely efficient) fireplaces made from wooden frames and clad in what ever tin cans they had on hand, often jerry cans. They have a distinctive look that invokes a sense of adventure even if you are used to the flash new tramping huts with wood burners.

Hearth was one of our first Tin Can Glam works and is still our favourite. It’s been a useful addition to our studio warming our minds, inspiring new ideas, as well as giving off a good amount of heat to get us through the chilly winter evenings. Hearth was first presented to the select few who experienced our In Memory of a Tree performance in 2015. It sat pride of place in our improvised ‘hut’ structure as our guests drank tea, chatted and looked through our treasures.

It is made from salvaged wood and clad in tin cans, exterior painted forest service orange and interior unpainted for reflecting the heat and light. Runs on about 20 standard candle sticks (beeswax if you’re smart) or whatever you fancy.

Hearth (2015) wood, tin cans, acrylic enamel, candles. 1100 x 475 x 245 mm

Free delivery within lower North Island  or pick up from Wellington. Candles not supplied. Sits on ground or can easily be mounted on wall. Get in touch for any queries.



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