Week #7 & #11
16th August - 22nd August
28th September - 3rd October


All aspects of backcountry huts fascinate us, as is probably well established by now. This work, and others in our Dismantle Pieces collection, seek to deconstruct these aspects and reconfigure them as sculptural paintings. After dabbling with literal paint, Kemi decided that exploring physical materials would do the source material more justice.

However, this gets tricky when attempting to tackle the hut window. We had many a discussion on how to resolve this sticking point as the window is the humanising feature of any architectural structure. Using a glass pane didn’t seem right. A view of your wall behind the work doesn’t do much for the subject matter. So what about a vent?

Here we see the results of that experiment, Intent, or Vent Tent as it has been referred to in the past. A vent inside an a-frame triangle; the same ratio as the standard DOC track marker. It’s constructed from reclaimed and sustainable hardwood and flattened tin cans and like Mantle is reversible; one side painted, the other metal glam.

Intent (2017) wood, tin cans, acrylic enamel, varnish. 515 x 605 x 20 mm


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