Week #14 + #15
19th -  31st  October

Junk Bouquets

We have been playing with junk since the very beginning. When Kemi graduated art school he was offered the opportunity to take over Enjoy Gallery for a month in their Summer Residency Programme, and exhibit the results. In true Kemi form he was hugely ambitious and created an upside down geological vista, from cardboard. Luckily Niko (his flatmate at the time) had also recently graduated and wasn’t up to much so she gave him a hand. It was the first project we worked on together and became the breeding ground for the Kemi Niko you see today. Check out images of that beautiful monstrosity, Black Flora.

Part of the installation were these Junk Bouquets decorating the face of the different caverns. We often joke that our work is actually future tech and these fit right into that category. They resemble gems from a future time when we’ll be mining precious plastic from rock. They are conglomerates of studio sweepings, bits n’ bobs, paper chads, crystals, toys, fake plants, electronic components et al. Each tells its own strange unique story.

We want to make room for our new Ocean Store junk works so please take some of these bite sized artworks off our hands. If you would like a collection of them, we can arrange a set price. Alternatively, if you are low waged and can’t afford this price, we are open to trades or exchanges of other kinds – get in touch! There are 64 in total and every one must go!

Junk Bouquets (2011) Mixed media. Approx. 25 x 50 mm
64 unique speciman available.


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