Week #4
19th July - 25th July

Paekakariki Shed

Sketch #1

It is not uncommon to see Kemi hunched over his well worn, very full sketchbook jotting down ideas, figuring out a technical quandary or sketching sheds, shacks and baches. There is a lot of gold hidden away in these humble books so we are going to start sharing selected pages here on Art of the Week for wider enjoyment and inspiration.

Kemi has a keen eye for any ramshackle piece of architecture, so while Niko is busy watching the road on our semi frequent road trips, he is often snapping quickfire photos out the window. These photos are stored away as a growing reference base for our inexplicitly titled, Bach Portraits.

This sketch, however, was drawn en plein air whilst Rhea slept in the buggy and Niko sold our wares and chatted about our work at the Paekakariki market last summer. It has a rustic charm that is heavily borrowed from the subject matter and enhanced by its quick creation.

Paekakariki Shed (Sketch #1). Original artwork, 2018. Ink and pencil on paper,  210 x 297mm.

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