Week #17
8th -  14h  November

Custom PTL Paintings

With most salvaged materials it can take a while to really discover the best, or most fun, use. There’s a good period where you just have a lot of the things piling up before you can even see it as a resource. Our stack of paint tin lids is over a metre high.

We’ve been collecting them, of various sizes, for a while now and sporadically turning them into paintings when a need arises. We like what we’ve been creating – it’s a good use for a very prevalent, often unrecyclable, waste product. We want to explore the medium further!

Buy a PTD painting with one of the following options - or ask us to choose one for you.  Once purchased we’ll be in touch  to plan the perfect piece especially for you (or someone you’re  surprising). 

Message options

·            Get off the Internet

·            With Gratitude

·            Honour Thyself  

·            Go Forth in Silence

·            I’d Rather be Tramping

·            Nature is my Church

·            ‘Aum Smiley’ (image)

·            ‘Hut’ (image)

·            Hey Be Deep

·            Drink More Water

·            Gone Bush

Exterior grade acrylic paint on tin lid. Sizes range from 10cm - 17cm diameter. Reverse is unpainted and signed. 


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