Week #17
8th -  14h  November

Custom PTL Paintings

With most salvaged materials it can take a while to really discover the best, or most fun, use. There’s a good period where you just have a lot of the things piling up before you can even see it as a resource. Our stack of paint tin lids is over a metre high.

We’ve been collecting them, of various sizes, for a while now and sporadically turning them into paintings when a need arises. We like what we’ve been creating – it’s a good use for a very prevalent, often unrecyclable, waste product. We want to explore the medium further!

We thought you could help by giving us some feedback on what words you’d like to see drilled and painted in our signature #AllMaterialsSalvaged style. In fact, let’s do a giveaway ‘cos even though the last one didn’t really connect that’s no reason to just give up trying. Send us your thoughts on these slogans or suggest your own and we’ll choose one to be gifted to, maybe, you.

But also, you can buy one with your chosen words!

Message options

·            Get off the Internet

·            With Gratitude

·            Honour Thyself  

·            Go Forth in Silence

·            I’d Rather be Tramping

·            Nature is my Church

·            ‘Aum Smiley’ (image)

·            ‘Hut’ (image)

·            Hey Be Deep

·            Drink More Water

·            Gone Bush

Exterior grade acrylic paint on tin lid. Sizes range from 10cm - 17cm diameter. Reverse is unpainted and signed. 3 custom paintings available + 1 giveaway.


or send us your feedback or suggestion

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