Week #10
20th -  26th  September

Aoraki Biv Remains 

In Memory of a Biv

Oh Aoraki Biv, what joy you inspired. What enthusiasm you did bring.

As we rounded the bend, after going off track, to spy your blue doors nestled among the Manuka and flax. 

How satisfying the feeling of opening your doors to discover what treasures you’d acquired since dawn.

Turning to rest and take in the view. We breathed in your scent, so reminiscent of a true mountain hut.

Which to us, you were. Sitting there on Mount Cook, towering above the city and harbour, worthy of the steep trek to your door.

Standing your ground as the clouds zoomed by, the Kākā shrieked and the city hummed and beeped below.

Welcoming all, no matter the weather or what intentions they might bring.

Sheltering hunched backs and piles of excited small bodies, you offered your book to any who entered.

Sharing scribbled notes of delight, insight and impressions of the view to any who cared to read.

The pages filled up, the doors expanded and stuck. The roof baked and rusted. The slope eroded and the gorse encroached, but still we visited you.

We painted the roof and chiselled the doors, we carved out steps from the muddy bank and built a real stoop, we cut back the gorse and planted new trees.

We were a community of urban trampers who called you our own, strangers we may have been but we all shared a home.

RIP Aoraki Biv 2014 – 2017 

Bell road reserve, Mount Cook, Wellington.
Aoraki Doors; Window and Latch. 2 x (41 x 80 x 5 cm)  

A truly special hut held forever in the hearts of many. The physical parts of which we have scattered around our home. Some rotting away in the garden, the logbooks hiding in a box. The doors hold much of the story, carved with naughty drawings, names and soaked with the environment. These doors, we now offer to you.

They are gathering dust in our studio and we’d rather see them in a loving home. We can’t decide on a price so we’re asking for offers.

You can state your preferred price for one door, or both. All offers will be considered with love. On Wednesday 26th September we will accept the offer/s we like best. Highest price will not automatically be chosen, so please give us an insight into your connection with Aoraki Biv too.


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