Week #8
23rd August - 5th September

Mini Huts 

We love tramping. Not because we love nature or long bouts of exercise (although we do) but because we love staying in tramping huts. There’s a special feeling you get when you round the last bend and glimpse the first sight of the hut. Your mind goes through an automatic check list… where’s the firewood, is there enough… oh there’s the long-drop… we’re the first ones here, sweet… plenty of bunks with good condition mattresses… nice collection of old forest service mags and a few candle stubs… phew, pack and boots off… lets get the billy on.

Now that Rhea, our daughter, is more stable on her feet we have started taking her tramping too. Her unbounded excitement as she first steps inside the hut only compounds our own joy. “HUT!” she yells, as she runs around exploring all the rooms and tests out the bunk ladders. It is this enthusiasm for anything that resembles a hut that finally convinced us to start creating these miniature huts from our salvaged materials collection.

By now you’ve seen a few of our other explorations of backcountry architecture in varying degrees of expression. Made from wood offcuts and clad in our signature tin can “corrugated iron” these little sculptures are more literal than the rest but no less considered. We’ve rendered our favourite aspects of classic NZ forest service huts to their bare bones with no fancy materials or equipment. They may be super cute but these huts would make any real hut builder proud.

Limited number available. Three versions; Rimu, Forest Service Orange or Multi Coloured (not all pictured). Sizes vary; approx. 9 x 5 x 7 cm.

We will email you to confirm your selection upon purchase, if unsure select blank option. Free shipping NZ wide.

Coming soon to select stores

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